Mission Statement for Student Body Card

     The Embassy of Heaven Christian School is different from the other schools, right at its foundation. We operate under the authority of God, not under any state-granted privilege. Parents are the teachers and the learning program is based on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The children do not gather in a central place like typical modern schools. We actually teach the children in a home setting, but it is not a "home school." The reason it is not a "home school" is because that term has special meaning under state statutes and denotes a privilege by the state. So we are not a "home school," even though the education is carried out in the home. It is an extension of the Embassy of Heaven Christian School. If anyone challenges the education of their child in their home, they are to respond, "My child is enrolled in the Embassy of Heaven Christian School."

     The Embassy of Heaven Christian School is just as real as a state public school. We perform the same function, except we do it better - we do it in the Lord's way. We don't waste time having children memorize state capitols. Instead, we teach them about Christianity, the New Testament, the New Covenant - how to love one another. The things that are meat, the things that count. We don't clutter up our children's brains with things of the world that have no relevance to their lives.

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