4-Step Course

Take the 4-Step Online Course outlined below before ordering a Student Body Card:

Read Mission Statement in its entirety.

Mission Statement

Study the FAQ to determine if you (or a family member) are eligible for a Student Body Card and if you are prepared to be a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Print Request Form and the Transfer Form. Read them carefully.

Request Form

Transfer Form

Consider ordering the information on the Recommended Materials page, to help you conquer the battle ahead.

Recommended Materials

Why enroll my children in the Embassy of Heaven Christian School?

          Those of us who are seeking to raise a child in the Way of the Lord often encounter a roadblock - the state's compulsory education laws. Parents who do not comply with these laws are often uneasy about what might happen when school officials find out their child is not enrolled in any school. We have been given a solution that often turns back the battle at the gate (Isaiah 28:6). Parents register their child in the Embassy of Heaven Christian School. Then, when the local authorities question the child's education, the parents show evidence that the child is registered in a school. Having the child's education supervised by a schooling authority, often prevents the state from moving ahead with charges against the parents. Showing school registration documents has stopped the state from sending parents to jail and the child to a foster home.

Who is eligible for enrollment in the Embassy of Heaven Christian School?

     Any school-age child of a parent or guardian who has given allegiance to Jesus Christ and declares citizenship in Heaven.

Order Student Body Card

It is highly recommended that you take the 4-Step Online Course (on the left hand side of your screen) before ordering a Student Body Card.

Fill out the forms you printed during the 4-Step Course, or print a new copy here and here. Fill them out, printing carefully and using black ink.

Order the Student Body Card through the shopping cart below. Then return to this page for further instructions:

Catalog #S0002

Once you have successfully ordered the Student Body Card, you will be sent an email confirmation.

Print this confirmation and mail along with completed Request Form and two recent photos to Embassy Of Heaven Church.


Your Kingdom of Heaven Student Body Card is a customized document, so please allow three weeks for processing.


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